Agency Partnerships

Enhance your agency through collaboration with our company using the outsourcing model. Revend Group specializes in establishing partnerships with agencies involved in digital marketing, development, web design, SEO promotion, and large to medium IT companies.

Our principle is to become a seamless extension of your team, offering our expertise in UI/UX design, particularly utilizing the powerful design tool Figma.

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Our Approach

Our collaboration goes beyond a simple outsourcing model; it's symbiotic relationships where we integrate into the workflow of your agency, adapting to your systems and processes. When the workload exceeds the capabilities of your in-house team, we step in to handle the overflow, ensuring deadlines are met and uncompromising quality is maintained.

Over time, as our operations synchronize, we can become your primary design team, seeing your projects through to completion with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Why is it beneficial for you to work with us?
These are not our words on why you should work with us, but the words of our loyal customers.
Cost savings while maintaining quality
Risk mitigation
Scalability and flexibility
Reliable time and design quality
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